Traveling In Style

I absolutely love traveling...so many fun places to see and be seen!  That being said, it can be a lot of work and after a few hours on a plane, even the most stylish of us can appear a little disheveled.  Here are my best tips for traveling in style:

1.  Wear your heaviest items:  This helps in two ways.  First of all, it is ALWAYS chilly on the plane.  Second of all, wearing the bulk helps to make more room in your bag!

2.  Sunglasses are glam.  They can hide those pesky undereye circles due to in-flight dehydration, mask the fact that you didn't have time to freshen up your makeup, and best of all?  You can sneak a quick nap in the airport in between connections!

3.  Scarves!  They can help keep you warm and brighten up a blah outfit.

4.  Ballet slippers.  Ladies, there is NOTHING fab about a woman hobbling in heels.  And by the end of a day en route to a vacay, you want to be comfortable.  

Check out Jessica Simpson's easy, stylish airport looks!  What are your travel go-tos?



Putting It All Together

Guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, where are all those fabulous clothes I keep hearing about you buying? The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar business, soI know you are buying the goods. Why aren’t you wearing any of them?

I travel a great deal for my work. I have to say that I am appalled by way people everywhere are dressed! When did being comfortable become and excuse for sloppy and dirty? Who wears short shorts and flip flops with a dirty t-shirt on an airplane? Who ever said slouchy was akin to style? Pajama bottoms are NOT slacks and while I am at it, neither are sweat pants! I am asking you to take pride in yourselves again.

The great costume designer, Edith Head once said, “You can have anything in life you want, as long as you are dressed for it.” Words to live by my friends. In closing I will add, clothes should make you a force to be reckoned with!

Ps.  See this outfit?  It's only a few, casual pieces but together?  It's killer!  Take the time to put yourself together, people! 



I Can't Believe It...It's Almost Here!

It is just a little over a week before the launch of my new line of upholstered furniture. I suppose it is needless to say that I am VERY excited. I flew to Highpoint, NC (furniture capital of North America) last week to finally see all of the pieces together and I can only say, WOW! They are even better than I had hoped. A typical launch of an upholstery line is about 8 to 10 pieces. The new Dann line will premiere with more than 20 styles of sofas, chairs, ottomans, stools, daybeds and one sumptuous and fabulous bed! My hope was always to create a line of furniture accessible to everyone. Style at the right price!

I cannot wait for all of you to find them in your local furniture storesand from stylish designers everywhere. I can promise you that they are gorgeous, comfortable, well priced...and STYLISH! Start asking your dealers and designers for the Dann line of furniture NOW!

Copy of Furniture_Page_03.jpg


Living Well is ALWAYS In Fashion!

Fashion is a love of mine.  And LIVING WELL is always in fashion!  How does my DANNion apply to clothes?  Glad you asked!  

Ladies, I don’t care what size you are.  I just want your clothes to fit!  You will never look fabulous if you refuse to buy the right size.  Fit your body for today!  That is what will make you feel better about the way look, not the 10 pounds you keep promising yourself to lose.  It is not unusual for you to go up and down as many as three sizes between labels before you find the right fit.  Don’t let the size label throw you.  It is the fit that makes it beautiful, not the tiny label inside.  

Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”  Nothing I could say about fashion could be more eloquent than that.  I want everyone reading this to remember that every time you go shopping.  That new dress won’t change your life but it can give you the confidence to become the woman you dream of being.  Remember, you are supposed to wear the clothes, they are not supposed to wear you!  

Ever since Carrie Bradshaw donned her first pair of Manolo’s, women have been obsessed with shoes.  I get it girls, fabulous shoes, make you feel, well, FABULOUS.  Truth be told, it’s the same thing for men. We feel more powerful, sexier in a great pair of shoes.  So, why is it if women are spending billions on shoes that I see so many women in nothing but flip-flops and sneakers?  Where are all these shoes you are buying?  Hidden in the backs of your closets waiting to see the light of day?  Remember, it doesn’t matter what you are wearing…hot shoes make your outfit more fabulous!  Take a tip from Carrie, evening shoes don’t have to wait until after dark to shine.  

What are the fashion tips you follow to LIVE WELL?



Making Sure Your Great Room Is GREAT!

Why are so many “great rooms”… NOT so great!?  I think the idea of one big room for cooking, dining, entertaining and eating is a terrific idea.  The problem I see time and time again is the lack of vision and creativity in these not-so-great rooms.   

The trick is to bring the volume down to create intimacy.  I create groupings of furniture throughout the room to work for one or two people and then as a whole for larger groups.  I hang large lanterns and chandeliers to bring the height down and lots of fabric and rugs to cut down on echo and allow for brilliant conversation.   

Another key aspect of any GREAT great room is the acoustics.  The volume of space also plays havoc with sound systems and audio equipment.  This is the most overlooked detail of these huge rooms.  How “great” can it be if you can’t hear your huge plasma tv!  A professional is invaluable to assure proper sound.  

I also love to use lighting as a way to re-purpose the great room throughout the day.  Warm lighting for parties creates an intimate feel, window coverings are a necessity for cutting glare on the television, and of course spot lights to highlight beautiful walls!  

What are some of the issues that you have (or have had) with your great room?

great room.jpg



Powder Rooms: Little Room But Big Statements!

Powder rooms are the new black.  Well, not really, but they are DEFINITELY important.  Think about it…they are the only room that you know all guests will get to see, no matter what!  Because of the size of these little design gems, you can totally experiment easily without renovating your house’s décor.  

Experiment idea #1: Color!  This is your chance to break with the other color schemes in your house and try something totally different.   

Experiment idea #2: Textures.  Try a simple, woven rug and luxurious hand towels.  Or fun, brocade window coverings.  Amazing!  

Experiment idea #3:  Fragrance.  Buy some really yummy candles.  The small size of the room will carry the smell, so make sure it’s fabulous but not overpowering!  

Tell me, what about your powder room makes it special?





Don't Cheapen Your Decor With Photographs: A How-To On Displaying Pictures

I’m not going to make friends with this observation: Picture frames are the most OVERUSED accessory in home décor today.  Yes, I know that they are an easy way to decorate.  But don’t cheapen your décor. 

Follow these guidelines to make sure that your frames work in good taste:  

1)    Be choosy with your pics!  You want the picture to be pretty and timeless.  With all of the easy ways to edit pictures today (even iPhones have options!), there is NO excuse for shoddy shots.

2)    Be just as picky with the frames you use.  Even the best picture of you and your beloved will be ugly with a broken or faded frame!

3)    Know that some places do NOT need pictures.  The bathroom, for instance, is a spot where no photographs are necessary. 

4)    A great way to make an impact with your pictures?  A picture wall!  Choose a well-lit wall and tell your story…and watch your guests congregate to see the “show!”

PS.  Further proof that a good grouping of pictures can be timeless and effortless?  This picture is from a magazine I was featured in over 10 years ago!  Talk about good style!

picture frames.PNG